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Questions of Thought

This is a great place to give more details about me, as the Webmaster. I could give personal information about my family, my job, my education, and my hobbies and interests. I could also include a list of any of my favorite things. But I won't. You would probably rather know the hows and whys, so here goes.

1. Why should I invest in this project?

Ans. Why not?! You will receive your investment plus interest within 2-3 years of opening, you will help to better the job market and also have a little more recognition.

 2. How do I know this will succeed?

Ans. Pertaining to movie theaters, there is really no direct competition. The variable is who has the hottest movie(s). True, new theaters are popping up everywhere, but the only thing they market on is the stadium seating. My project will have that feature including more of a family oriented variety. As a certified chef, our concession will surpass all others. Market research has been done from the locations of various theaters to their pricing.

 3. What about employees, equipment, etc...?

 Ans. I will oversee all matters which need to be attended to. I have already compiled a list of qualifying candidates for managerial positions. The investor who so chooses can assist with additional input/information.

 All information regarding projections, business plan, etc... are available upon request. Interested parties can be met via phone, letter, email and/or in person if applicable. Thank you for your consideration.


I have been to five banks who all approve of the idea, but cannot fund it because it is a start up venture. They require at least 20% ($2m) down, and they will fund the rest.

My Contact Information

Phone: 501.347.7506